From the outset of its creation in 2013, the Foundation has supported a major initiative dedicated to the well being of children, adolescents and young women. As with its other programs, the Foundation’s activities have a specific focus on the rural communities of West Bengal, and especially the impoverished Sundarbans region.

At present, the Foundation is involved in two active programs. The first concerns a collaborative program with various partners to provide communities with supplemental nutrition, hygiene, and clothing.

The second is a long-standing supportive program initiated at the very beginning of the Foundation’s activities to provide counselling support and education to women suffering from domestic violence and other forms of oppression.

Nutrition, Hygiene and Clothing Support

The Foundation has had a long-standing collaboration with Dabur India Limited, the World’s leading Ayurvedic products company, for mass distribution of nutrition and hygiene products in rural communities. The program, which is targeted specifically toward children, adolescents, and cognitively challenged individuals, has provided substantial support on an ongoing basis to various rural communities in West Bengal.

This program, which has been continuously supported by Dabur since its inception in 2016, is fully managed by the Foundation. During this period, over 5,000 people in West Bengal have received food, clothing and hygiene materials under the initiative. The program has become widely acclaimed throughout the communities that have been served and is tapped for further growth due to its immense popularity, importance, and positive outcomes.

The continuing objective of this initiative is to provide key nutritional supplements, healthy food and beverage items, personal hygiene products, and even clothing. The program is set now to expand through further support from other corporations and NGOs, including Raja Udyog Pvt. Ltd, The Onaya Foundation, and The Goonj.


Psycho-social Counseling Program

The Foundation created a much-needed social counseling program with the vision to provide a reliable and non-judgmental platform for people with emotional and psychological distress. The program, named ABHA, provides a helpline and counseling services to individuals feeling ostracized due to age, gender, sexual orientation and other issues.

The ABHA Helpline provides the following support to callers in a safe and confidential manner :

  • Counseling on personal protection against gender violence
  • Guidance on dealing with personal problems
  • Education on where to find available resources
  • Support for access to health care delivery
  • Awareness of legal rights

Since its inception in 2013, the ABHA Helpline has made remarkable progress in providing access to and allowing people with distress to have a valuable resource. The Foundation has created outreach programs to increase awareness, with progressively increased calls from both urban and suburban sectors.