Supporting the Foundation

The Purnima Foundation seeks grants from corporate and private sources to support its various programs. The Foundation has put in place a unique model for donors to maximize the impact of their contributions.

All external donations, whether from private, corporate, or governmental sources, are allocated entirely to a funded project and never used to support the Foundation’s overhead expenses. Overhead costs are supported only through the personal resources of the Chaudhuri family as its trustees.

This level of commitment ensures that all external funds are used by the Foundation exclusively for the benefit of the targeted program and therefore maximizes the impact of the investment made in the community.

The Foundation meets all regulatory requirements in India to operate as a non-profit charitable trust. All donations are therefore tax exempt and fully meet the requirements of CSR programs. Private donations may be made on a named or anonymous basis.

We invite prospective benefactors to contact the Foundation to set up an appointment to discuss opportunities for support. Please send inquiries via email to :

Current and past benefactors

The Purnima Foundation is grateful to the following companies and organizations for their past and ongoing support.

Partnerships and alliances

A key goal of the Foundation is to empower local communities to prosper through education and entrepreneurship. The Foundation meets this challenge by working closely with people and organizations at the grassroots level in rural and regional communities to deploy programs across its various mission areas.

We are grateful to the following companies, organizations, and NGOs for their collaborative support and engagement in the delivery of the Foundation’s mission.