Our Principles

A common challenge facing many societies is to create a sustainable framework for equality in human welfare, removing unfair practices in gender and age treatment, and ensuring economically unbiased access to education and medical care.

The driving principle behind our work is that through equality and fairness come justice, opportunity, social stability, and human advancement. The Purnima Foundation supports attempts at meeting this challenge by working closely with people and organizations at the local level where such problems are present.

The Foundation actively promotes collaboration and participation by persons from all levels of society, regardless of age, gender, and sexual orientation.

Our Objectives


The Purnima Foundation is a registered non-profit charitable trust that serves as a resource for people, organizations, and institutions in the Republic of India. Our mission is to:

  • Reduce poverty and injustice
  • Promote equality in educational opportunities across different economic strata
  • Reduce human suffering through access to quality health care
  • Create and support local programs for environmental protection
  • Promote gender equality and provide opportunities for empowering women
  • Foster human advancement

Our Work

The staff members of the Foundation work directly at the grassroots level with local organizations in rural and regional communities to develop and deploy programs across its various mission areas.

This collaborative engagement is reinforced through financial support tailored to each situation by way of grants, bursaries, or loans that help to advance our mission, build knowledge, and strengthen local organizations and networks.

The Foundation’s work is strongly focused on promoting development and sustainability through programs that will help local communities to prosper through education, entrepreneurship and empowerment.

Our work is built on the simple principle that investing in and guiding the development of local communities will create positive outcomes that will be beneficial and regenerative, and therefore have long-term sustainability.

Our Commitment

The trustees of the foundation set policy and delegate authority to the senior staff, who explore opportunities to pursue the Foundation’s goals, formulate strategy, and recommend proposals for funding.

All overhead costs of the Foundation are supported only through the personal resources of the Chaudhuri family as it’s trustees. All external donations, whether from private, corporate, or governmental sources, are therefore allocated entirely to a funded project and never used to support any of the Foundation’s overhead expenses.

This level of commitment ensures that all external funds are used by the Foundation exclusively for the benefit of the targeted program and therefore maximizes the impact of the investment made in the community.

Our Trustees

Dr. Amala Charan Chaudhuri received his PhD in Organic Chemistry from the University of Calcutta in 1960 and was then selected as a Fulbright Scholar in the United States. He returned to India to serve as regional director for the British Council in Calcutta (1964-68).

Dr. Chaudhuri moved to Canada and served as Professor of Chemistry at Ryerson University, Toronto, until his retirement in 1995, becoming Professor Emeritus in 1998.

Dr. Chaudhuri founded The Purnima Foundation in 2013.

Dr. Avijit Chaudhuri received his PhD in Neuroscience from University of California, Berkeley in 1987 under the guidance of Nobel Laureate Donald Glaser, followed by academic positions at The Salk Institute and McGill University, where he was bestowed with the James McGill Chair in Psychology.

His recent work in the private sector has been devoted to consumer protection against the global menace of counterfeiting, smuggling, and unauthorized sales – with particular focus on medicines.

Dr. Chaudhuri founded The Purnima Foundation in 2013.

Ms. Shoma Chaudhuri completed two Bachelor of Arts degrees, in History from University of Calcutta (1988) and separately in Anthropology from McGill University (1996).

Ms. Chaudhuri has worked in the private sector in San Diego, Vancouver, and Montreal, and currently serves as a consultant in the field of international shipping.

Ms. Chaudhuri helped to establish The Purnima Foundation in 2013 and continues to be actively engaged in its multiple programs.

Mr. Subash Ghosh has more than 25 years of experience in human resources and facility management. He is responsible for administrative oversight and engages with Foundation staff and Trustees to formulate policy, set goals, oversee execution, and handle troubleshooting.

Mr. Ghosh has been associated with the Foundation since its inception.

Our Registrations

The Foundation meets all current regulatory requirements in India to operate as a non-profit charitable trust through the following registrations and permissions:

  • Indian Trust Act, 1882 (No. 01874/13; 22/09/2013)
  • Indian Income Tax Act, 1961 — Sections 12AA and 80G (AACTT2697 J/10/14-15/T0051)
  • Ministry of Corporate Affairs (CSR-1), Government of India (CSR00011870)
  • NGO Darpan, Niti Ayog, Government of India (WB/2017/0166349)
  • PAN (AACTT2697J)
  • FCRA — under process