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The Foundation

The Purnima Foundation is a registered non-profit charitable trust that serves as a resource for people, organizations, and institutions in the Republic of India. Our goals and objectives are to –
  • Reduce poverty and injustice
  • Promote equality in educational opportunities across different economic strata
  • Reduce human suffering through access to quality health care
  • Create and support local programs for environmental protection
  • Promote gender equality and provide opportunities for empowering women
  • Foster human advancement
The driving principle behind our work is that through equality and fairness come justice, opportunity, social stability, and community advancement. The Purnima Foundation supports attempts at meeting this challenge by working closely with people and organizations at the local level where such problems are present.

A Snapshot of our Programs

There is a substantial problem in India where many young boys and girls who should be in school are instead turning to (or are forced into) the labour market. To help mitigate this problem … more
The Foundation has a proactive and agile program to meet sudden needs in communities where it provides support. This is best exemplified by its quick action on combating Covid-19 transmission … more
From the outset of its creation in 2013, the Foundation has supported a major initiative dedicated to the well being of children, adolescents and young women. As with its other programs, the Foundation’s … more
The Foundation has a very active program in the area of conservation and environmental awareness, stemming from its long-standing ethos to bring sustainability to the Indian … more
The Foundation has a salient goal to create self-reliance in the communities it supports so that they may in turn propagate that empowerment more broadly and benefit from a long-term … more
The Foundation publishes a publicly-available Annual Report that contains descriptions of all ongoing projects, key developments over the past year, project outcomes, financial reports, and … more