The Purnima Academy-Rural

In most of the cases the demand for education among poor families is not be present among parents with poor background because of the opportunity costs of educating children: parents have a preference that their children work to supplement household income or do household chores. Parents do not have enough information to assess the return on an investment in their children's education accurately, or they may see the return-sometimes correctly-as too low to justify the cost, perhaps because of the poor quality of the education available to them.

Identifying this reality, The Purnima Foundation made the initiative to provide free coaching to the poor students in marginalised area of Sundarban. The vision of Purnima Academy is to emerge as a centre of excellence in creating opportunity to enhance the learning ability of students through special teaching in the underprivileged areas of Sundarban. The Foundation has established the free coaching centre for addressing education issues by providing free and quality support to help local students get through their first Board Examination thereby collaborates with a local organization, Rajendrapur Swami Vivekananda Seva Pratisthan (RSVSP) in the village of Rajendrapur, at Minakhan Block in 24 Parganas (North) to provide free coaching and remedial help to students who are preparing for the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education.

The aim is to ensure the quality education and equal opportunity of learning for all students to enhance their capability and appropriate direction for future prospects. It is also attempting to develop an effective and meaningful academic curriculum, educational materials and teaching kits with no undue stress on academic excellence. The Purnima Foundation aims to bring people of various expertises to one platform to get rid of the fear among students and developing educational significance among the students in the area.

The major achievements of the project are as follows:

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