Nutritional Supplement Programme: A Joint Venture of Dabur India Limited &The Purnima Foundation

A joint collaboration initiative was established between Dabur India Limited and TPF as a Civil Society Resource Organization to novel intervention of nutrition supplement programme for poor children. The reason behind this programme is to strengthen societal nutrition safety net by providing nutritional supplement to its beneficiaries like children, adolescents, youth, infirm and their families mainly in the underprivileged rural and urban areas of North and South 24 Paraganas and Kolkata.

The innovative strategy that is introduced by The Purnima Foundation has also got immense approval. Simultaneously, rigorous and enthused support received from partner organizations that have helped TPF a lot to accomplish the goal of the Nutritional Supplement Programme. They have achieved success in bringing their beneficiaries under one umbrella on the exact date of distribution within a very short notice. TPF is recognizing their exemplary performance as well as stupendous contribution of the Dabur India Limited.

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