Creating Self Esteem among Adolescents in Tribal areas of Murshidabad district

The Purnima Foundation’s programme for adolescents is designed to socially and financially empower youth aged between 13 and 21 in tribal villages of Murshidabad district. Currently targeted exclusively at vulnerable girls and boys, the programme combines innovative livelihood and life-skills training with a customised backward and forward linkages.

The services are provided through a safe, non-threatening environment for adolescent girls and boys. They are able to socialise freely and share each other’s experiences, as well as find support for dealing with personal challenges. The project act as both social spaces, where girls can win positive recognition from their peers, and training venues for skills development courses.

The overall objective of the project is to create space for adolescent tribal girls and boys where they can able to exercise their freedom to express themselves, interact with peers and mentors, and learn basic critical social issues including sexual and reproductive health, early marriage, gender-based violence and drug abuse. The project aims to classify the adolescent tribal into two distinctive groups comprising of school going girls and boys and dropouts. The dropout adolescents have been regarded as Economic Sustainability Groups (ESGs) and they are involved in microenterprise development activities.

At the initial stage the Purnima Foundation included a total number of 40 adolescents from 5 tribal clusters covering 30 girls and 10 boys. In which 20 adolescents have been considered under the category of Economic Sustainability Groups (ESGs). The concept of Economic Sustainability Groups (ESGs) is to train the group and enhance their skills in tailoring and stitching and enhancing their capability to emerge as an economically sustainable group.

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